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Official releases
Early Bird
by Poles of Abstraction
Poles of Abstraction is the new addition to the unfused's artist team. Their heavy groove beats will sure shake any dancefloor...
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Don't EP
by Dead Travolta
Don't EP is the latest UR release and yet another tangent for multidisciplinary sound artist and new UR team addition Dead Travolta. The singles "Don't" and "Pizza" are pulsating, driving and energy charged little numbers while the more atmospheric "Ruined" and "Spooky" seem to come straight out of a thriller! In a more twisted fashion, "Savage" truly bears its name and beautifully completes Don't EP.
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First One EP
by Franck Further, including remixes by Pfreud, DScientists and Dan Statik
This release largely covers the Electronic Dance Music horizon including minimal, funky and dub textures provided by no other than the new additions to Unfused Records’ remixing team: Pfreud and Dan Statik! In addition, a driving electro version by DScientists completes the range of styles on this EP!
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Halfway House EP
by Nick Bugayev, including remix by Franck Further
Nick delivers once more with Halfway House, letting the electro loose on a dizzying tech-house backdrop, bound to take any dance floor from empty to exploding within a few minutes! Franck Further’s bass-laden remix is a floor thriller with subtle electro undertones, and a sure spinner for any DJ out there!
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ReBounce EP
by Franck Further, including remixes by Frederic Jay, DScientists and mr. Sounderson
From our first original release, Bounce EP, logically comes our first remix pack: Rebounce EP. This latest release includes both a house and tech-unclassifiable remix by UR artists mr. Sounderson and DScientists.
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Awake in the Crowd EP
by Nick Bugayev, including remixes by Omni and Cranium
Once again, we could enter Nick Bugayev's atmospheric world with this new track. This time around, it also includes electro and trancy remixes produced by Omni and Cranium. Tasty!
SupaFreaky EP
by Franck Further, including remix by Nick Bugayev
You love Electro and Minimal House, this new 2 tracks EP will sure freak you out! One big groovy original mix and an Electro Remix that will kick your hips. Both include discrete warm vocal.
Finding Focus EP
by Nick Bugayev
Unfused new artist addition has lead to this new progressive techno release. An immersive sound atmosphere has been created for a promising "voyage."
The Bounce EP
by Franck Further, including remix by Frederic Jay
Unfused Records digital releases kick off with Franck Further minimal tech-house tracks to surely unfuse your life!
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