Jeff Latour DJ and Producer                                                        Contact
Lead producer of DScientists collective

This young fellow is a music lover since before is birth in 1982. Jeff Latour started playing music in a student radio station in college. He soon discovered a passion for it. In 2000, while studying to obtain, 3 years later, his physical degree, he began to mix commercial dance music in few bars and clubs as a guess DJ in Montreal and surrounds. At that time, he was also as a sound technician and mobile Dj for different kinds of events. Throughout the years, he became one of the best three turntables specialist. Once his degree completed, in 2003, he began to work in a firm of acoustical experts as a consultant. In 2004, while becoming one of the best acoustic consultants at this firm, he suddenly focuses on the music style that he likes the most : TECHNO MUSIC. Since then, he was involved in many of the best underground parties for techno and trance music in his home city. He distinguishes himself by his multi-disciplinary skills in audio and logistics for the organization of many parties that he likes to call “nocturnal electronic music events”.


In 2006, he decided to start his own music material in a techno oriented style, while using many other influences. Using his knowledge in physic and acoustics, he now lead the new music collective DScientists. More information on DScientists available at

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