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About UR

Fuse: noun, Device that trips like a switch to interrupt a circuit when overloaded.

Unfused: tr.v, Where all overload limits have been removed: "This record label is Unfused; it holds unlimited possibilities".

Another label is born, but this time a new wave is coming. Will it differ from existing labels? Definitely.

In the years to come, Unfused Records (UR) plans to generate a solid impact on the electronic music industry. Not only will UR release original material, but our team will also coordinate the collaboration of affiliated artists and other producers to create original and remixed music material.

More than a simple platform to release music, UR is also a medium dedicated to research in music and technology. Through the label's affiliated artists, research will be performed on the following subjects:

  • Musicology study of the DJing art;
  • Research in the electronic music composition techniques;
  • Hearing diseases and disorders of new and experienced DJ performers;
  • Electronic music listening and dancing as a carrier of emotions.

Unfused Records is proud to be affiliated to Wave Studios Montreal, the studio and technical entity of the record label, and uses its facilities and equipment for production and research. Also based in Montreal, Wave Studios is a supplier of bespoke DJ booth systems for incoming international performers. Additionally, it operates 2 studios: the first one equipped with the best DJ gear including 3 Technics turntables SL-1200 M3D, Pioneer DJM-3000 mixer and CDJ-800 CD players, and another including a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with many soft synths and some real outboard analog gear (Access, Nord, Moog, Korg, some tube compressor, etc.) providing a perfect environment for producing and mixing. All mastering work is either done internally or sent to other collaborators depending on specific project needs.

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